Telerik NativeScript

Resources for Webinar “Building Native Mobile Apps with NativeScript + Push Notifications”

On Oct 29 2015 we conducted our monthly webinar for the month of Oct. This time we were culminating our NativeScript India Tour with this webinar. This webinar was all about a quick recap of what NativeScript is and how you get started with it. Then followed by how to use Push Notification – one of the important aspect of any mobile app – using NativeScript + Telerik Backend. This blog post it to recap the webinar and you will find the Slidedeck used during the webinar and also the video recording.

About NativeScript:

NativeScript is a Open Source Software from Telerik which lets you develop Native Mobile Apps with your JavaScript skill and you can go cross platform with a single source code base. You can reuse your JavaScript/CSS/XML skills to build truly native mobile apps. You can know more about NativeScript here:

Telerik NativeScript

Telerik NativeScript



Here is the slidedeck used during the webinar:


Video Recording:

Here is the video recording of the webinar. If you missed the webinar or you had to leave the webinar in the middle you can view the recording at your leisure time.


Hope this webinar motivates you to try out NativeScript and develop some apps. Cant wait to see what you guys build with NativeScript. Do let us know about your apps through comments.

Till next time – Happy Coding ! ! !.


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