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Telerik Devcraft 2016 Release 2 Summary

On May 4 2016 we did a release of our popular bundled software product line called Telerik DevCraft. This release is called R2 or Release 2 of 2016. In this blog post i will try to give you a summary of things you can find in R2 2016.


About Telerik DevCraft:

Telerik DevCraft is a product which contains all of our UI technologies. Using DevCraft you can build awesome UI with the most complete .NET toolbox for web, mobile and desktop development. DevCraft provides UI libraries for every .NET platform. Tools in DevCraft help speed up your development and provide intuitive API for developers. With DevCraft on your side, you can build modern & future proof  business applications. It supports Visual Studio 2015 already. You can visit the official page here to know more about DevCraft.

Summary of 2016 Release 2:

Web UI Highlights:


  • Enhanced support for ASP.NET Core 1.0  and .NET Core 1.0
    With our UI for ASP.NET MVC, developers can more easily build cross-platform apps for the new .NET Core 1.0 running on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • New React components for Kendo UI (components for Angular 2 coming soon)
    We’re the pioneers in the existing competitive landscape to explore UI Components for React (the JavaScript framework developed by Facebook).
  • Cutting-edge TagHelpers in Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC
    This will help developers be more productive when working with Telerik UI for MVC.
  • Visual Studio Scaffolding options TreeView in UI for ASP.NET MVC and Kendo UI
    This will help developers create apps that use TreeView faster.
  • Theme improvements (the ASP.NET Ajax Theme Builder now supports Material theme).
  • Improvements in key web components like SpreadSheet, Editor, Chart and Diagram
    Developers can build more mature and richer business apps.

Desktop UI Highlights:


  • A time-saver wizard for converting Vanilla WinForms applications to Telerik UI for WinForms
    This unique conversion tool converts standard Windows Forms into Telerik UI for WinForms components. This tool can be extremely handy for modernizing legacy Windows Forms apps to Telerik UI for WinForms, benefiting from the modern UI that we provide. Read more in our blogs

  • Official release of the RadVirtualGrid for WinForms
    This is the first VirtualGrid with Hierarchy support on the market (never seen before!), which offers extreme performance that no competitor can match. Read more in our blogs

  • New SpreadStreamProcessing (or just SpreadProcessing) Library for WPF and WinForms
    This allows the creation of big spreadsheet documents and exporting them to the most common file formats (XLSX and CSV) with great performance and minimal resources.
  • ERP sample application for Telerik UI for WPF to showcase the power of UI for WPF
    Get it here.
  • Improvements in key WPF components like SpreadSheet, RichTextBox and Scheduler
    Developers can build more business-critical apps with rich UI. Read more.

Mobile UI Highlights:


  • The Grid in Telerik UI for UWP goes official
    Grid will now supportall device factors – mobile, tablet and desktop screens.
  • Windows Universal (8.1) support for ListView in Telerik UI for Xamarin.Forms
    This will enable the ListView to run across all three popular platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Universal.
  • Easier getting started options in Telerik UI for Xamarin with new Templates and Project Configuration Wizards


Reporting & Report Server Highlights:


  • Interactive sorting
    this allows Reporting end-users to sort data in a report in an Excel-like fashion. Learn more

  • Telerik Report Viewers can display reports stored remotely (incl. in the Telerik Report Server).
    Learn more

  • Data Alerts in the Telerik Report Server
    This allows end-users to be informed via email about report data that is important and relevant to their interests. Learn more.

These were just some of the highlights that i just wanted to point out at very high level. To know the complete list of Whats New, do have a look at our official page here: DevCraft R2 2016 – What’s New.

I am excited about certain things in this release. For e.g. our Kendo UI now supports React out of the box and Angular 2 support will be coming soon. I cant wait to get my hands our new bits and cook up something awesome.

Do download, try it out and let us know if you have any feedback/suggestions through comments below.

Till next time – Happy Coding!


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