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Resources from Webinar “Kendo UI Wrappers for ASP.NET MVC Core 1.0”

On May 26 2016, we finished yet another webinar. If you are here at our site for the first time, do note that we conduct webinars almost 3 Thursdays in the month , every month @ 12PM IST. If you want to know more about the schedules, you can check out our announcement category and there will be a blog post with the schedule.This week we did one of my favorite topics – ASP.NET MVC Core 1.0 + Kendo UI Wrappers or Tag Helpers.

About ASP.NET MVC Core:

ASP.NET MVC Core is the new Cross Platform Web Application framework/platform from Microsoft. ASP.NET MVC Core apps can be hosted on  Windows/LINUX/OSX. So you get the liberty to host in your favorite hosting environments now. Its very modular, lean and is cloud ready and should be your choice of framework if your app is Cloud Born/Cloud First kind of app.  You can know more about ASP.NET Core here:

About Kendo UI:

Kendo UI is our flagship product. Its a HTML5 based client side UI framework for building Web Apps & Mobile Apps. It contains 70+ widgets for Web/Data Visualization/Mobile needs of your project. It also provides core framework aspects such as MVVM, Data Source, Validation, Globalization etc. You can know more about Kendo UI here: We have 30 day free trial available. You can try it out for yourself.


Here is the slide deck used during my webinar:

Video Recording:

Here is the recorded video of the webinar:

Hope you like the webinar. Do let us know your suggestion/feedback as a comment below.

Till next time – Happy Coding !


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