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Resources from Webinar “Coexist: AngularJS 2.0 and React with Kendo UI”

On Jun 23 2016 we conducted yet another webinar. This time we talked about Kendo UI Components for Angular JS 2.0 and React JS. This blog post is a recap of the webinar. You will find the slide deck and video recording in this blog post. If you missed attending live or had to leave in between dont worry – we have you covered. Just go through this blog post to catch up on what you missed.


About Angular Js 2.0:

This is a new framework that Google has come up with. To know more about this you can head over to the official website of NG2. We had done a webinar couple of weeks ago where we showcased whats news. You can go over the video recording of the past webinar here.

About React JS:

React JS is a JavaScript UI framework from the garages of Facebook. This brings in the philosophy of components i.e. everything is a component in your app. React makes use of Virtual DOM and Universal Data Flow. To know more on React head over to official site here. We had done a webinar in the past where we took a lap around React and introduction to React. You can view the video recording here.

About Kendo UI:

Kendo UI is our flagship product which is nothing but a HTML5 based Client Side UI framework. Kendo UI provides over 70+ widgets which are Web/DataViz/Mobile widgets. You can know more about Kendo UI here.

Kendo UI React Components:

Our Kendo UI React Components are still in preview. You can find them on NPM registry here. Current the components available are limited but our team is hard at work. We will add more components in our next release. Till then you can check out the available components and take them for a spin.

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used for the webinar:

Video Recording:

Here is the video recording of this webinar:

Hope you like the webinar. o let us know your feedback/suggestion by writing a comment below.

Till next time – Happy Coding !


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