UI for Xamarin

Resources from Webinar “Even Quicker Development with Xamarin Forms using Telerik UI for Xamarin”

This is a recap blog post for the webinar we conducted on Jul 28 2016. The webinar was titled “Even Quicker Development with Xamarin Forms using Telerik UI for Xamarin”. In this blog post you will find the slide deck and the video recording of the webinar.

About Telerik “UI for Xamarin”:

Telerik “UI for Xamarin” is our control set for building Native UI Cross Platform Mobile Apps. As part of this control set we provide beautiful, polished and elegant UI widgets for Xamarin Applications. You can read more about our “UI for Xamarin” control set here.

UI for Xamarin

UI for Xamarin

Slide Deck:

Here is the slide deck used in the webinar:

Video Recording:

Hope you like the webinar. If you have any feedback or suggestions do let us know through comments below.

Till next time – Happy Coding.


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