Recording of Telerik Tools for Test Automation Webinar

Telerik provides a plethora of tools for Test Automation including Test Case Management, Functional & Load Testing, Performance Profiling and Mocking. This webinar briefly touches on each of these areas.

The recording for the webinar is as follows:

Free 30 day trials of various products is also available:

  1. TeamPulse
  2. Test Studio
  3. JustMock
  4. JustTrace


Video: Getting started with RadDataGrid in XAML based Windows Store Application

Learn more about Rad Controls for Windows 8 here

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Three Steps to work with RadDataGrid in XAML based Windows Store Application



Learn more about Rad Controls for Windows 8 here

JumpStarting Development with Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC

Today in the ASP.NET world, MVC is the talk of the town. Every enterprise and every developer is looking to adopt it at some time. Even the architecture guidance from Telerik recommends ASP.NET MVC liberally.

While MVC does have its benefits, it still is not as close to the ease of development that ASP.NET Web Forms provides. The default controls with ASP.NET MVC in Visual Studio are very limited. Telerik fills this productivity gap by providing the toolset that adds many powerful HTML Helpers that aid in faster development. Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC is the toolset that has the server wrappers that you can use in your ASP.NET MVC project.

In the video below, we explore quickly getting started with Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC in your project.

We look forward to hearing your experiences using the HTML Helpers from Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC.