Code analysis using JustCode

Read Error Inspection using Telerik JustCode here

JustCode do on the fly analysis of the code. It does code analysis when you type the code and reports you and error or warning without any further delay.


You can download Telerik JustCode 60 days-trial version with dedicated support here

To have high lever perspective on Telerik JustCode, I have just console application and put no code so far.


JustCode does the analysis along with the visual studio inspection. It performs analysis using some custom inspection.

On the fly you can fix any error reported by pressing Alt+Enter. For example below Method2 is trying to pass parameter to Method1 whereas Method1 is defines without any input parameter. At the time of calling of Method1, on pressing Alt+Enter ,JustCode will suggest you the possible fixes.


JustCode performs below inspection on the Code,

For C#

  • Identical if and else clauses
  • Obsolete casts
  • Empty statements
  • Assignments with no effect
  • Unused private members
  • Unused parameters
  • Unused variables
  • Unused namespaces
  • Unreachable statements


  • Missing object element type
  • Missing type of an attached property
  • Missing property that an attached property is referring to
  • Not found event handlers
  • Ambiguous property that an attached property is referring to

By default JustCode reports error in color red and warning in green.

Error in Red


If you want to change default color of reporting you can do it by navigating to



I have changed error reporting color to blue and now error is reported in blue color as below,


Inspection of the code can be done in fours ways

Via a tooltip over a highlighted expression


Via a info popup


Via a tooltip in the Marker Bar


In the Error list Window


In this way you can perform analysis of code and fixing of any error reported using Telerik JustCode. I hope this post is useful. Thanks for reading


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