Code Navigation and Search with JustCode

Simply I cannot work without Telerik Just Code .It boost my productivity to next level. In this post, I am going to discuss on Code Navigation and Search feature of this amazing product. You may want to have a look on my previous post Error Inspection using Telerik Just Code


  • Quickly navigate to different parts of code
  • Easily find definitions, errors, types, members etc.
  • Easily highlight found errors, types, members etc.
  • Quick navigation via Find Result Windows.
  • Camel case search : This searches capital letters of compound names

Go To options

There are four Go To Options available



In my sample console application I have created a class called Product. If I want to search that type (class in this case) then I can search like below,


Search Windows gives you information that class is internal class and its namespace name. if you press enter you will navigate to class definition.

Find Usage is another powerful feature . This can boost up productivity. This helps to navigate and search to different

  • Classes
  • Namespaces
  • Local variables
  • Methods
  • Fields


In Find Result windows you can see the usage of definitions or keywords. All different usage term would be open in different tabs. In below case type product and namespace usage is open.


In this way you can explore many other navigate options given by Telerik Just code option. I am very looking forward to explore more features of this amazing product. I will share my learning on the same  Smile



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