RadControls for Web – New controls in Q2 release

We at Telerik shipped our second release of the year which we call it as Q2 release, in June 2012. In this post we will look at what are the new controls available under RadControls for Web which includes ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight.

RadControls for Web consists of the following suites:

  • RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX
  • RadControls for ASP.NET MVC
  • RadControls for Silverlight

So lets look at new controls added in Q2 release one by one.

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX:

This suite is a complete ASP.NET AJAX development toolset. RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX contains over 70 controls and helps in rapid component based UI development. In Q2 2012 release we have added 3 new controls. They are:

  • HTML5 Chart
  • BarCode
  • ODataDataSource


HTML Chart:

HTML5 Chart

HTML5 Chart control also known as RadHtmlChart provides a powerful charting mechanism. The charts are based on SVG format for modern browsers and VML for older browsers. Here are some of the salient features of HTML5 Chart control:

  • Client Side Rendering – Rendered entirely through JavaScript and hence reduces the amount of work to be done by Server. Only serialized data is sent to the client which boosts the performance of the application.
  • Control Data Loading – You have the full control over the data loading process. Load the data after page is loaded or invoke a callback via JavaScript.
  • Customize Appearance – The markup structure exposes all properties necessary to customize the appearance.

See Demos


Barcode control enables you to quickly and easily create industry standard barcode formats to your applications. Here again the barcode is generated in SVG format for modern browsers and VML format for older browsers.

See Demos


ODataDataSource control enables you to codelessly bind your controls to OData Services.This control supports a Visual Studio design time wizard to query any Odata service supporting JSON and XML. So you can visualize the data even before you binding it. As said earlier this allows you to codelessly bind the odata services to controls like TreeView, Grid etc,

See Demos


RadControls for ASP.NET MVC:

With Q2 release we no longer promote the ASP.NET MVC extensions, rather we advice you to migrate to our new breed of UI framework known as Kendo UI which composes of Web, DataVisualization and Mobile contols. Kendo UI is the new platform for HTML5/JavaScript development. Kendo UI Web controls also comes with server side wrappers for ASP.NET MVC for easier development. You can know more about Kendo UI at www.kendoui.com.

In Q2 release 1 new widget was added to Kendo UI Web suite.


As the name goes this is a UI widget which allows you to select Date as well as time within in one single widget/control. If your scenario requires for a Date and Time to be shown, this control can be used instead of two controls – one to show Date and another to show Time.

image image

See Demos

RadControls for Silverlight:

This suite is one of the industry’s leading suite of Silverlight controls for today’s Line Of Business (LOB) application development. RadControls for Silverlight helps you to create engaging and interactive user experiences for Web and Desktop. This suite contains over 65 controls which will surely cut your development time.

In Q2 release, there were 2 new controls added to the suite. They are:

  • RadHeatMap
  • RadGanttView


Heat Map control is a matrix like control that uses color to encode values along two axes. Some of the features of this controls are:

  • Interactive tool tips – provides context aware detail on the heat map
  • Colorizers – allows you to use different colors to encode values
  • Super fast rendering – uses immediate mode bitmap based rendering and proprietary hit-testing and lay outing to render vast amount of visual detail without slowing down and sacrificing the interactivity


See Demos


This control as the name goes, allows you to visualize and manage hierarchical project data as a Gantt Chart. This has the capability to visualize different types of project data such as Tasks, Milestones, Summaries, and also the relations between them. You can highlight different types of important items like late or critical tasks. Another feature of the control is the ability to import data from your MS project and visualize it in a friendly way.


See Demos


In this post we looked at new controls released as part of the Q2 Release under RadControls for Web suite. We looked at 3 core technologies under Web i.e. ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight – and looked at the new controls available under each of those suites, Hope you are excited to try these new controls yourselves. Don’t forget that all these controls suites are available for free 30 Day trial downloads.


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