Raise a support ticket for that

Sometimes customers need more help that is possible over a phone call or a demo. These cases are the ones that require more investigation or may fall outside the expertise of the person conducting the demo.

Now, if you have faced the dreaded comment – “Please raise a support ticket for that” here is how you can do the same:

  • Login to your account (trial/ paid) on telerik.com:



  • Click on “Contact Support Team” from your account page (after logging in):


  • Choose the product you want the support for:


  • Identify the kind of help you need:


  • Choose the control you are looking help for:


  • Provide details:


The message should include information on:

1. Steps to reproduce the problem

2. Attach screenshots of the error that you are encountering

Press Send button.

After you have submitted the support ticket, you expect a reply. But how soon? We have 24 working hours SLA for paid subscribers. However, we have no SLA for non-paid/trial subscribers but try and provide answers in 72 working hours. Do be aware of the “working hours”! So, if you have raised a support ticket on Friday evening, you can’t expect to get an answer on Monday morning even if you are a paid customer.

The procedure is almost the same for all Telerik products. We take pride in providing help to our customers when it is needed to improve their productivity. The above process helps us prioritize our tasks so that we can deliver most value.

If you have any feedback/ suggestions/ comments on how we can improve this further, please do share your thoughts on the comments section.

Update: We now have a video demonstrating this process:


4 thoughts on “Raise a support ticket for that

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  2. Hi
    could anyone help me on capabilities of telerik test studio to automate the Share point application. . Currently the tool is able to identify the object on sharepoint. . But it is unable to identify the objects on modal popup window in sharepoint.

    Please help


  3. Hi,
    My requirement is to be able to provide option for Printing the contents of a Kendo Grid.

    I found the solution per below link:

    : http://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/web/grid/print-export

    The above works for me but there are 2 things I would like to know.
    1. First, for the grid with details data. Expandable and collapsable rows does not print details data. Only summary rows are printed.
    2. When the print is triggered, blank page is shown for the first time in Chrome. Probably this is because of <link href statement in the htmlstart.

    Please provide solution for the above to by earliest.


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