Technology to keep you company in the Holiday Season

ravanaFor Indians worldwide, the Holiday season is about to start with the harbinger of festivals – Dusshera round the corner. As the time for revelry draws closer, Telerik India is here to keep you stay updated with the latest from the world of software development.

While our inner geek so much wants to have fun, it also craves to learn & share the latest. And we are happy to oblige the Geek Ninja in us 🙂

Here is our schedule of e-learning webinars for the months of Oct – Dec 2013:

The timing for all the below webinars is 3:00 – 4:00 PM (IST)

Registration Link
Walking on Water: Building Android and iOS Apps with Visual Studio Oct 24th
What’s new in Visual Studio 2013 Oct 31st
Patterns in JavaScript Nov 7th
Using NoSQL Data Sources with Kendo UI Nov 12th
Adaptive Rendering Mobile Web Apps using ASP.NET MVC Nov 28th
Journey from Manual to Automated Tester in 1 hour Dec 12th

Sometimes, we feel that Dusshera is just an excuse to start the party earlier than the rest of the world! The party continues with Telerik as we continue to hand out T-shirts to select few attendees from every webinar.

If you ever wanted to meet the great presenters from our webinars, you can find us in various industry events. In the coming months you can find us at:

Mobile Developer Summit 2013, Oct 10- 11, Bangalore

STC 2013, Dec 4-5, Bangalore

We would love to see you at our booth if you are attending any of the above conferences!


3 thoughts on “Technology to keep you company in the Holiday Season

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