Resources for webinar “What’s New in Visual Studio 2013”

On Oct 31 we conducted a webinar “What’s New in Visual Studio 2013”. This is yet another webinar in the on going series we here at Telerik India have been doing. You want to know more about these webinar, take a look at the schedule here:

File:Visualstudio logo.png

Microsoft has released yet another version of Visual Studio and is called as Visual Studio 2013. Through this webinar we took a lap around some of the newest feature that every developer should be aware of. A lot of enhancements have been made in the language as well as the IDE itself. You can know more about Visual Studio 2013 here:

Slide Deck:

As usual the webinar was demo oriented as I spent most of the time show casing the new features of the new IDE. The slide deck contains just the pointers to my talk. So I suggest you watch the recorded video of the webinar along with the slide deck.

Video Recording:

We record all our webinars so that those of you who couldn’t attend the live event or you had some audio issues can come back and view the webinar at your leisure time. Below is the recorded version of this webinar:

Whats New in Visual Studio 2013

Webinar Giveaway:

If you have attended our webinars you will know that we usually pick 2 attendees from the participants list and they will receive our .NET Ninja T-Shirt shipped. For this webinar we have picked the following 2 attendees who receive the t-shirt:

  • Ravi Tyagi
  • Robin Banga

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact you for your address and will ship the t-shirt. Rest of you don’t feel bad. You can be the next winner and for that you will need to attend out next webinar.

Till next time – Happy Coding.


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