How to send Email using Telerik Everlive from Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Have you ever come across scenario in which you need to send an Email from your app? There are various ways you can do that. Some of them are as follows,

  1. Sending Email using PhoneGap API
  2. Sending Email using HTML5
  3. Delegate Send Email task to a server

In this post we will learn to send Email using Telerik Everlive. Everlive is a cloud based Backend as a Service. It provides you many functionalities using Email Services. You can send Email from your app using Telerik Everlive.


There are two components in Everlive Email Service.

  1. Email Template
  2. Send Email

Before sending Email, you need to create Email Template. You can create Email Template in two ways,

  1. Using code in your app
  2. At portal

You need id of Email Template to send Email. Okay so in this post we are going to create Email Template in portal. To create Email Template login to portal and you will get option to create Email Template.


As you see there are four default Email Templates already available in Telerik Everlive. To create new template click on Add an item and at right hand side you get option to create new Email Template. After successful creation of new Email Template you can view that in Template List. You need ID of the Email Template at code to send Email from App.


Make sure that you have copied API key and Account Key of application. You need this to send Email using code. You can get keys by clicking on API KEYS in left options.

Okay so we have done configuration at portal. We created Email Template. Next we need to send Email from app. We can send Email using REST API.

Very first you need to create recipients. You can create this as JavaScript object. In below code I am setting two Email addresses to send in TO.

var recipients = {
 "Recipients": [
 "SpecialOffer":"Happy New Year”

Once you have created recipients you need to make a AJAX post to send an Email using Telerik Email. You can send an Email using code below.

 type: "POST",
 url: '',
 contentType: "application/json",
 headers: { "Authorization" : "Accountkey PUTYOURACCOUNTKEY" },
 data: JSON.stringify(recipients),
 success: function(data){
 alert("Email successfully sent.");
 error: function(error){

Above code is very simple,

  • In URL you need to set API key and ID of Template
  • In headers put account key of application
  • In data set recipients
  • On success you can set a JavaScript function as callback
  • On error you can set a JavaScript function as callback

That’s it. You need to do only this much of work to send an Email using Telerik Everlive from Cross-platform application. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.


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