Comparison of Automated Testing Tools: Throwing in Telerik Test Studio

ComparisonI was reading this excellent article by Gouri Sohoni comparing various automated testing tools. The article is an excellent introduction to automation in testing and the various tools available to do the same. She compares the following tools: Selenium, QTP (Quality Test Professional) and Coded UI Test (CUIT) with Visual Studio 2012. I am taking this opportunity to extend the article and include Telerik Test Studio in the mix.

The following is written in the same format followed by the linked article:

Ease of Use

– Recording and Playback Functionality

Test Studio supports recording on various browsers i.e. IR, Chrome & Firefox. All the scripts can be played back on different browsers too.

– IDE and tools with which the tester can write the scripts

Test Studio comes with its own IDE and also integrates with Visual Studio. You can use Test Studio as a standalone IDE for recording and writing scripts or from within Visual Studio.

– Ease of Test Case execution

Test Studio test cases can be run from within Test Studio or using the Test Studio scheduler. The scheduler can be used to run all test suites or selected test cases at pre-defined schedule. Integration with CI tools is also supported via a command line test runner.

Platform Support

-Language Support

Test Studio doesn’t require you to write code in a lot of scenarios. However, if you do need to it supports C# and VB.NET.

– Support for various application types

Test Studio comes with testing for web applications, Silverlight applications, web services, mobile devices and WPF applications.

– Support for various browsers

Test Studio supports recording and playback in almost all browsers – IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

– Support for Data Driven Testing

Test Studio supports Excel, XML, CSV and Databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and any QLEDB or ODBC supported DB) for data driven testing.

– Exception Handling

You can configure Test Studio to ignore all errors that happen during a test execution. If unexpected situations are expected to occur in a test suite you can convert them to Coded Steps and then use try and catch blocks for exception handling.

– Validations or Assertions

Test Studio supports Verify and Wait without need for writing any code. Any assert can also be included as needed using coded steps.

– Support for Objects

Test Studio has a unique Object Finder UI called DOM explorer that helps you locate elements on the application being tested easily. You can also customize the names and the locator logic that is used to identify the object.

Integration with Application Lifecycle Management and going beyond

– ALM Integration

Test Studio integrates with Telerik TeamPulse, HPs Quality Center and Microsoft TFS. Integration with TeamPulse allows for bug submission and linking test cases to its automation script. All the features of TFS are also available if you utilize the TFS as the ALM tool.

Additionally, submission of bugs is also supported for JIRA.

– Going beyond

Test Studio can easily automate JavaScript based applications. Special constructs like “Simulate RealTimeClick” and “Simulate RealTimeTyping” makes this possible. Test Studio provides you the capability to convert your functional tests to load tests. It also has the capability to take the workload from Fiddler traces and run it in Test Studio for performance test.

The RoI for the tool is enhanced as it is also available in the pay per use model. The minimum time that you need to buy Test Studio for is 1 month.


Summarizing the Comparison

Category Selenium QTP Coded UI Test Studio
Record & Playback Completely Supported Completely Supported Completely Supported Completely Supported
Ease of IDE & Features with tool Not Par Not Par Completely Supported Completely Supported
Ease of Execution Completely Supported Completely Supported Completely Supported Completely Supported
Languages Support C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby VB Script C# & VB.NET C# & VB.NET
Support for Objects Not Supported Not Supported Completely Supported Completely Supported
Browser Support Allmost All IE & Firefox Some IE Versions Allmost all
Support to various applications Only Web Almost All Almost All Almost all
Integration with ALM Partially Supported Partially Supported Completely Supported Partially Supported

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