Using Business Rules to make your business process smarter, simpler and Agile


Business Process

We as developers have learnt to separate code from markup. To structure code, we take help of various design patterns. Businesses are not static. They desire us to change the business process and rules as the business evolves.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to bring agility to our systems by using well established technologies? In this video, we look at two such technologies:

  1. Business Process Management (BPM): BPM helps in automating the business process workflow.
  2. Business Rules Management (BRMS): Rules that determine various decisions in a workflow.

This session covers different use cases and different ways available in BPM to achieve this, like using, decisions steps, BPM events and business rules. Decision is a gateway which represent a decision point in the process flow ,which say if the specified condition is not met ,it would take the default branch and help control the business flow effectively. BPM events are build around the principles ,where a business events is an object ranging from disk failures to a purchase order or a record. Event driven business rules help in sending alarms, live report, triggering external programs and much more. Rules created in BPM Events help to monitor a business process, generate live reports, enforce business policies and also capable of dynamically modify rules.




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