How to Connect Samples of Telerik Reporting to MySQL

Some of our customers don’t use Microsoft SQL Server as their database. What is not well known is that Telerik Reporting supports MySQL database out of the box.

Below, I detail the steps that are required to design reports using Telerik Report Designer from MySQL database.

  • First, install MySQL Connecter from below link.

  • Please download AdventureWorks database for MySQL from below link and import this to your MySQL.

  • After installing MySQL Connector you can see the “MySQL Data Provider” in drop-down list please select this. 
  • Enter the connection string of Adventureworks database according to the below picture and click on the next button.
  • Change the Alias if you want and click on the next button.
  • Change query according to DB and click on the Next button.
  • Below the screen comes and click on the Execute Query button.
  • After clicking on the Execute Query button, If data appears on a Screen the task completed click on the Finish button or not check the query again.

Above, we have seen how to enable Telerik Reporting Designer to fetch data from MySQL using the MySQL ADO.NET connector. There is one additional step that you need to do to render the report.

This step is to add MySQL nuget package into the host application. The package to add is MySQL.Data . This adds the capability to connect with MySQL from Telerik Reporting Host application.

Now your report is able to render data from MySQL database.


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