Resources from webinar “Graphs Charts for Cross Platform Native Mobile Apps “

On Oct 20 2016 we finished yet another Webinar. These webinars are usually held between 12PM to 1PM IST on 2/3/4 Thursdays of every month. This webinar we talked about “Graphs/Charts for Cross Platform Native Mobile Applications using NativeScript”.

If you are new to NativeScript – do head over to and get a heads up on NativeScript as a technology. We have premium control set for NativeScript known as “UI for NativeScript”. UI for NativeScript provides Chart controls and in this webinar i have showcased how to create cross platform Charts using this control set. You can read more on UI for NativeScript here.

Video Recording:

We record all our webinars and the video recording will be shared so that you can watch it on demand. So here is the video recording of this webinar:

Hope you liked the webinar, If you have any feedback/suggestions – do drop us a comment below.


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