Nov – Dec 2016 Webinar Schedule

Its that time of the month when we tell you what we are thinking in terms of spreading knowledge for next 2 months. As you know we normally put up schedule for 2 months of webinar content upfront to you. You can decide which one you would like to attend and book your seats early. This blog post you will find our schedule for Nov & Dec 2016. We have some interesting ideas lined up for webinar.

In November, we will be focusing on BOTS & Mobile Applications. BOTs are the new thing if you ask me. People are building BOTs for almost every scenario now. They help you in conversational experience with your end users. We will take a look at how to integrate a bot inside a CMS. Coming to Mobility – well they say – there is an App for that. Yes, Mobility is something you cant ignore. We will show how to transform your CMS digitally by developing Native Mobile Apps.

In December, we will take a look at how to develop beautiful data visualization for your SalesForce cloud data. Followed by how to consume the SalesForce cloud data in your ASP.NET applications. We will wind up December by taking a lap around our brand new product called “Hybrid Data Pipeline”. This is an interesting product and you should not miss this webinar.

Here is the schedule for Nov/Dec with the registration links:

Nov 17 2016, 12:00PM (IST)
A Conversation Experience in your CMS with Bots
Nov 24 2016, 12:00PM (IST)
Digitally Transform Sitefinity Sites into Mobile Apps with NativeScript
Dec 08 2016, 12:00PM (IST)
Visualizing Your Cloud Data using Kendo UI DataViz Widgets
Dec 15 2016, 12:00PM (IST)
Using Salesforce data in your ASP.NET Web Application
Dec 22 2016, 12:00PM (IST)
Transform Your Enterprise Data Silos using Hybrid Data Pipeline

The webinar will be streamed as usual using GoTo Meeting. Use of a headset is recommended. We look forward to your presence in our Nov/Dec webinar.


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