Intelligent Process Automation is Eating the Outsourcing Cake

cogwheelprocessautomation_3310x1650-1024x510The IT revolution in India started with a need met by offshoring. The expensive human resources were replaced with cheaper human beings in another country.

With advent of new technology, the low end offshoring is finding their cake being eaten by an invisible opponent. This is visible in the lower revenues being forecasted by major Indian SIs. Somehow, the amount of outsourcing that the firms were doing earlier is not continuing. Intelligent Process Automation may be to be blamed. Continue reading


Resources for webinar “JavaScript Task Runners for Web – Gulp & Grunt”

On Jan 28 2016 we conducted yet another webinar and we focused on “JavaScript Task Runners for the Web” this time. Client side development has undergone tremendous changes and the workflow you use has also changed. You now use what are known as Task Runners which when run perform certain mundane tasks such as Minification, Concatenation, launching web server, reloading the rendered pages etc. These are made possible through certain client side build tools called as JavaScript Task Runners. In this webinar we took a lap around two popular frameworks namely “Gulp” & “Grunt”. This blog post is a recap of the webinar in case you missed attending live.

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