Download Slides and Source Codes from Rad Controls for Windows 8 Webinar

Download Webinar Resources from here

Thank you so much for attending webinar Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Windows 8 RadControls . I hope it was useful. If you have not done it yet then I strongly recommend you to download free trial of RadControls for Windows 8and start playing around it. You will find more resources at below given links

Product Overview

Download free tiral from here

Find Fourm here

Demo Applications

Documentation on XAML based Rad Controls for Windows 8

Documentation on HTML based Rad Controls

In webinar we started with discussion on development for Windows Store. We discussed on various aspect in choosing development option. We did a walkthrough of various RadControls for Windows8. In detail we discussed on following RadControls in HTML based Windows Store Application,

  • RadChart
  • RadAutoCompleteBox
  • RadNumericBox
  • RadDropDownList
  • RadHubTile

Download Webinar Resources from here

If you need more information and any assistance then please feel free to get connected with me at @debug_mode or send me mail on . Thanks once again for attending the webinar.

Webinar on Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Windows 8 RadControls

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Date: 21st November 2012

Time: 3PM to 4PM (IST)

Launch of Windows 8 has brought enormous enthusiasm among developers along with normal users. Developers are aspired to write fascinating killer apps and want to reach maximum Windows 8 users. If you are one of those aspired developer then this webinar is for you. In this webinar we will talk and learn about Rad Controls for Windows 8. Rad Controls for Windows 8 allows you to write fascinating touch enabled Windows 8 Application which your users will love. It helps you to shorten development time, quickly take application to market and get better ranking.  There are 15+ native controls available for you to use in your application.  You can use controls natively in your application regardless you are developing in XAML or HTML.

Read more about RadControls for Windows 8 here

This will be demo oriented webinar. In webinar we will write code from scratch and learn how different Rad Controls can be used in application.

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For any query do send a mail to . Hope to see you in the webinar.

What is new in Q3 from the Telerik? Sign up for the Webinar week


Excited about what is new coming from Telerik in Q3? To know more

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You can download 30 days trial with dedicated support from here and if you find products worth trying in your application and products then you may want to explore Pricing and Licensing here

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Question and Answers from “Performance and Load Testing with Test Studio” Webinar

I would like to thank everyone for attending webinar on “Performance and Load Testing with Test Studio”. Please find below answers of the questions come up in the webinar.

How to encrypt the password and please can you show us how to handle the parameterization?

Password encryption is set via the property panel for that test step.


How to handle dynamic objects?

See the Video here

Can we do Performance test & Load test with third party application that do not run through browser

Test Studio support web applications. Other applications are not supported.

Test Studio is only for .NET testing not for the JAVA or other testing. Can it test standalone java application?

Test Studio will test any web, Silverlight, or WPF application. The web application can be written on any platform. Java, Ruby, .NET, Python, PHP, it doesn’t matter as long as HTML is sent across the wire.

How many computers we can select at one shot during performance testing

We support multiple computers. We’ve tested with large configurations.

Can we have test suites for the performance testing?

Yes. Test Lists may be created which focus on performance tests.

Can we have custom performance counters added?

Custom counters will be available if they are added through the Windows Performance counter infrastructure.

Describe how to identify the memory leakage using Telerik Test Studio

Memory leakage would be monitored by using performance monitor counters for memory usage. (Total available bytes, garbage collection, etc.)

What criteria would you use to select Web transactions for load testing?

If by “transactions” you mean use cases, then you want to select as many different ones as possible in order to model your site’s traffic as accurately as possible.

How to use Regular Expression in Load Runner for web functions

This webinar is about Telerik’s Test Studio. Please see HP for questions about Load Runner.

Can do the Regression Testing also by using Test Studio

Yes. Automated tests are perfect for regression testing.

Webinar: Telerik Tools for Ninja Developers: RadControls for Windows Phone


Date: 5th Sep 2012

Time: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (IST)

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Telerik India has started a webinar series in India time zone to create more awareness about Telerik products. So far four webinars have been conducted and large numbers of developers, designers and testers got benefited by that.

Find full schedule of the webinars here

Continuing the series, on 5th September 2012, we are conducing webinar on Rad Controls for Windows Phone to help Windows Phone developer community.


Windows Phone application development is keeping a lot of developers very busy. Developers have the envious task of creating quality Windows Phone Application in short span of time. Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone provide the set of controls that significantly speed up the Windows Phone App Development process.

Find more about RadControls for Windows Phone here

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In this webinar we will start with Rad Controls for Windows Phone. We will explore various Rad Controls. We will keep webinar demo oriented and we will more focus on writing and understanding codes. I strongly recommend you to download and install trial before coming to webinar.

RadControls for Windows Phone provides you 41 different controls and building blocks to cut your development time. These controls are designed to shorten your app development time. We will explore some of the controls listed below in the webinar.

  • RadConversationView
  • RadAutoCompleteBox
  • RadTextBox
  • RadToggleSwitch
  • RadSlideHubTiles
  • RadRating
  • RadHubTiles etc .

Apart from above listed RadControls, we will explore many other controls as well. I request you to attend the webinar. Once again find the webinar details below,

Date: 5th Sep 2012

Time: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (IST)

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See you in the webinar. If you have any question or query , please feel free to send me mail at

Slides and Projects to download from Test Studio webinar


Very first thank you very much for attending Test Studio webinar on 22nd September . We had great time presenting and hope you had great time learning about Test Studio as well. In this webinar we covered following topics

  • Benefits of Automation
  • Automated Web Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Working with TestLists
  • Ajax Testing

We strongly recommend you to download 30 days free trial and start playing with it and learn more about Test Studio here

Download Test Projects and Slides Deck from here

Below are the some of the questions asked in webinar,

What is the difference between Creating a Folder and Creating a Test?

Folders are for organizing tests in; the test is the piece of automation

What’s Test Studio Express?

Express is a plug in for Visual Studio. You can create, execute, and maintain tests in it. It helps collaboration. Testers can work in Test Studio Standalone, then hand tests off to developers if they need to do things like check the database or use support infrastructure. Testers can use Test Studio Express, too, if they’re more comfortable there and like working in Visual Studio.

Is this a limitation of test studio that it allows recording in IE ONLY?

Recording is an extraordinarily difficult operation. We focus on IE so that we can make it powerful, smooth, and easy to use. You can play back in IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome

When we add multiple Tests inside a Test List, After finishing each test, will Test Studio close the window every time and re-launch it for the next test ?

By default, yes. You can also select to “Recycle Browser” in the web tab of the test list’s Settings. This will keep the same browser open; however, you have to be very careful about state, session, cookies, etc.

Where can we make custom code changes to any particular test step?

Yes! You can convert any test step to code by right clickign on it and selecting Convert to Code. You can also add custom code steps.

In case I don’t want to record and run the test but i want to do manual coding to create my own automation suite?

Yes, you can do fully manual coded tests or steps. You can write in C# or VB.NET

How TestStudio is helpful for Silverlight OOB applications?

Test Studio can be used to test the Silverlight OOB applications as well. Silverlight tests get recorded in exactly the same fashion as the web tests DJ has been showing. The experience is very similar. You can explore the visual tree, etc.

Which scripting language is supported by Test studio?

C# and VB.NET

Does it support SAP?

If the SAP application renders HTML, Silverlight or WPF then yes!

Does it work on other tools than .net?

Test Studio will test against any server technology. The demo application is written in Ruby!

Do we have any quick start guide on that?

Yes, please see for some great videos on testing Silverlight!

What about performance testing?

We have separate webinars on performance and load testing!

How to simulate multiple users?

You can use Load testing feature to simulate multiple users.

Will it work for software build using procedural language like Clarion?

If the system renders HTML, Silverlight or WPF then Test Studio will work fine with it.

If application is publish in citrix can we record and test it?

Possibly, there are sometimes difficulties depending on your environment.

I hope you had  worth of your time in this webinar. Looking forward  for your participation in further webinars ..

Test Studio Webinar on 22nd Aug 2012


If you are enthusiastic about finding bugs in software and find solace in testing, we have a Ninja tool for you. Explore this chart buster software – Telerik Test Studio from the comfort of your seat. We are excited to invite you for a webinar on Telerik Test Studio. The details are as follows:

When: 22nd Aug 2012 at 3 pm (IST)

For Whom: Testers, Quality Professionals, Project Managers and Ninja’s

Register for Webinar here

In this webinar we will cover,

  • Automated Web Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Working with Test Lists
  • Test Result Analysis and Reporting
  • Ajax Testing
  • Performance Testing

The webinar is demonstration lead and we hope to make it an interactive one with your participation.

See you all at the webinar.

You can learn more about Test Studio here and can start exploring by downloading the free trial

Slides and Source Codes to the “Webinar on Creating HTML5/JS Mobile & Web Apps with Kendo UI” available to download

Hi Everyone,


Thank you so much for attending Kendo UI webinar yesterday. We had exciting time and hope you found webinar useful. As promised we are making all the resources of webinar available to download.

Download Slides and Source Codes from here

If you missed the webinar then you can start learning about Kendo UI from here . We strongly recommend you to go ahead and download trial version of Kendo UI from here. If you find any difficulties , throw your questions in comment or can directly send mail to us.


In this webinar we covered

  • Introduction to Kendo UI
  • Getting started with Kendo UI Web
  • Understanding and using different Kendo UI Web widgets
  • Getting started with Kendo UI Data VIZ
  • Kendo UI widgets on SharePoint web parts
  • Introduction to Kendo UI Mobile
  • Creating Hybrid Mobile application “Movie Explorer”

You can find some resources here to start exploring Kendo UI and can read Kendo UI documents here

If you need any assistance to start with Kendo UI please writes to us. See you soon in next webinar.

Telerik tools for the Ninja Developer : The Series

If you are here – you are already an awesome developer! Probably you are looking to become what we call the “Ninja Developer”! The Ninja Developers treats coding as an art with tools that he knows would take him beyond to the metaphysical.

There are developer tools and then there are Telerik tools (ok, this was indulgent)!

If the path you have chosen is to become the ultimate developer, Telerik is proud to arm you with tools that will get you there quicker. So, we would like to present to you our array of equipment that is so lethal that is best hidden within your IDE (lest competing clans got their hands on it).

Let the Ninjutsu begin (below is the calendar for the training):

Date Time (Indian Standard Time) Topic
25th July 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Kendo UI
1st August 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: JustCode
22nd August 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Test Studio
29th August 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Just Mock
5th Sep 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Rad Controls for Windows Phone
12th September 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Just* Suite
27th September 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Tester: Load Testing with Test Studio
10th October 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Just Trace
17th October 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Reporting
21st  Nov 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Windows 8 Controls
12th Dec 2012 3:00 – 4:00 PM Telerik Tools for Ninja Developer: Silverlight

After completing this webinar series (that we are hosting in the Asian Time Zone), we will award you with the Telerik Ninja Certificate (dare you on this)!

If you would like us to cover a specific tool (err topic), feel free to share that in the comments below. Come back here often for the master regularly updates this series with the attendee links and surprise sessions.

May the force be with you! (Blessings loaned from Yoda)