Log Management and Analysis for Cloud Applications – Session Resources

Have you ever wondered what technology stack does professional cloud SaaS companies use for log management and analysis?

In this session, we cover a logging stack that can be considered for professional SaaS deployments. We compare log management tools for applications deployed in Cloud. We will dive deep into one such tool called SumoLogic. Continue reading

Resources for webinar “The Bleeding Edge – What’s New in Angular 2”

Hi there. We are back with one more webinar resources blog post. On Apr 21  we conducted a webinar on one of the hottest topic now in the web world. The webinar was titled “The Bleeding Edge – What’s New in Angular 2”. In this blog post we will recap the webinar and you will be able to go through the slide deck used for the webinar and the video recording of the webinar.

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Universal Windows Platform

Resources for webinar “Introduction to Development of Universal Windows Apps “

On Mar 31 2016 we conducted yet another webinar for India and surrounding region. The webinar is usually held between 12PM to 1PM IST. This time we took a look at “Universal Windows Platform Application Development”. UWP as it is known in short form is the new development platform from Microsoft which is targeted towards Windows 10. Using this platform you can write one application which runs on all Windows 10 Device family. You will find the slide deck and video recording of the webinar in this blog post.

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Tips to Improve Database Connectivity in .NET Applications

connection_string_iconWhen it comes to Data Access performance of .NET application, many people focus on the tuning and optimizing the Backend datasources. But there is lot to gain from just tuning your connectivity solutions for the need of your application.
This presentation focuses on how to tune your ADO.NET connectivity solution to get the best performance out of them.


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Resources for Webinar “Cross Platform Web Applications with ASP.NET Core 1.0”

We are back with yet another webinar resource for you. We conducted a webinar on Feb 25 2016 titled “Cross Platform Web Applications with ASP.NET Core 1.0”. This blog post will be a recap of the webinar and you can find the slide deck used for the webinar and the video recording of the webinar here.

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Resources for webinar “JavaScript Task Runners for Web – Gulp & Grunt”

On Jan 28 2016 we conducted yet another webinar and we focused on “JavaScript Task Runners for the Web” this time. Client side development has undergone tremendous changes and the workflow you use has also changed. You now use what are known as Task Runners which when run perform certain mundane tasks such as Minification, Concatenation, launching web server, reloading the rendered pages etc. These are made possible through certain client side build tools called as JavaScript Task Runners. In this webinar we took a lap around two popular frameworks namely “Gulp” & “Grunt”. This blog post is a recap of the webinar in case you missed attending live.

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Visual Studio 2015

Resources for webinar “New Features in Visual Studio 2015”

We finished yet another webinar here in Telerik India on Jan 21 2016. If you are new to TelerikHelper let me tell you that we conduct webinars for the awesome developer community out there almost every Thursday of the month from 12PM to 1PM IST. You can check out Jan/Feb schedule here. We keep posting monthly schedules on our TelerikHelper website. So keep a close watch on this site. Continue reading


Resources for Webinar “Top 5 Features Customers Love about Sitefinity “

On Nov 19 2015, we conducted one more webinar. This blogs post is recap of the webinar. The topic for the webinar was “Top 5 Features Customers Love About SiteFinity”. If you missed attending the webinar live or you had to leave the webinar early – this blog post will provide you a chance to recap.

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Telerik NativeScript

Resources for Webinar “Building Native Mobile Apps with NativeScript + Push Notifications”

On Oct 29 2015 we conducted our monthly webinar for the month of Oct. This time we were culminating our NativeScript India Tour with this webinar. This webinar was all about a quick recap of what NativeScript is and how you get started with it. Then followed by how to use Push Notification – one of the important aspect of any mobile app – using NativeScript + Telerik Backend. This blog post it to recap the webinar and you will find the Slidedeck used during the webinar and also the video recording.

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